Supercharge Your Training For Vertical Rush

Posted: January 3, 2014 in Training
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So a few days back we went through five key elements to tower running success, and said we would be returning with more detailed training tips in the future. This post will give a quick Tabata style workout that will really help condition your legs and lungs for Vertical Rush.

We’ll describe it for the advanced athlete as this is the level we are training at but it can be tailored to suit any existing fitness level. The key is giving 100% at the points where it’s required. What that consists of is all down to the individual, but for maximum benefit it’s important that you don’t cheat yourself here. It is a short HIIT workout and so requires full focus and effort.

Ok, so choose a cardiovascular exercise machine. We favour the upright stationary bicycle, as it more closely mirrors some of the movements required for stair running, but an inclined treadmill or rower will also work.

Hop on and get warmed up for four minutes at a manageable pace.

Now here comes the hard stuff. If you are on the bike set the resistance to as high as it will go, on the treadmill set the incline to 15, and on the rower make sure resistance is at the maximum. Then go flat out, 100% for 20 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds. Then 100% effort for 20 seconds. Rest again and so on for a total duration of four minutes. That is eight periods of 20 seconds at 100% effort. Then you’re all done. Be sure to take a further two or three minutes to cool down on the machine at a very leisurely pace to help aid recovery.

If you are looking to be competitive this workout will go some way to preparing you for the pain that you will feel during Vertical Rush. It is a great opportunity to train your mind to not give in or slow down too much when the hurt kicks in.

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