Stair Climbing Training Sessions in London

Posted: February 10, 2015 in News, Training
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We are holding regular stair running training sessions in London in preparation for the Broadgate Tower run up (Feb 20th) and Vertical Rush@Tower 42 (March 3rd). They will be continuing into the year for those building towards later events.

At the moment sessions are happening on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, and on Saturday or Sunday mornings/afternoons on the 320 step emergency staircase at Hampstead tube station. They are open to climbers of all abilities and are free. In addition to varied and intense workouts, we will be offering alternative training suggestions, tips on stair climbing technique, advice on how to prepare for a stair climb and more.

If interested please contact @TowerRunningUK or email us at for more details.

Interested in taking part in a tower running event? Check out our partners Total Motion Events or our race calendar to find out what events are happening near you.


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