Tower Running UK Joins West Coast Labels

Posted: March 12, 2015 in News
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One of the best things about stair climbing is the great people you get to meet at races and in the online groups and forums. It’s a rare breed of person that revels in the pain of climbing stairs. Among the people we have had the good fortune to make acquaintance with are American stair climbers Scott Stanley and Mark Trahanovsky, who are part of the ultra successful West Coast Labels team. It is almost certain that at nearly every race in the USA there will be a runner wearing the red and black of the WCL team, and it is certain that they will engage beast mode during their climbs.

Today Tower Running UK was given the great honour of receiving a West Coast Labels vest. Word on the street is that the vest alone will give you a good ten seconds off your next climb. We look forward to finding out.



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