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Posted: September 23, 2015 in News
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2015 has been an important year so far for the sport of tower running in the UK. There have been new races at new venues and a growing interest all around. By the end of the year there will have been 14 events, the most ever in one year in the UK. Yet, despite all these great developments, there is a big issue that impacts on participation in stair running and that is charity fundraising.

Of the 14 races that will be run this year only one has no link to a charity. Nearly all the other events have large fundraising requirements ranging from £150 to £600. In addition, ten of the 14 races are taking place between September and December, meaning that anyone keen to do lots of races will be under pressure to raise a lot of money in a short period of time. Anyone with experience of constant fundraising attempts will attest to the difficulties involved and any outstanding amounts will need to be made up by the individual. This all adds up to making tower running an expensive and time consuming sport to pursue.

Let’s be clear. Charity fundraising is a great and necessary thing, and the races they put on are well organised and fun. However, it can become a burden when nearly every single race has this requirement. A keen road runner, for example, can get a charity spot for the London Marathon, but then do free 5km races and reasonably cheap 10km, half-marathons marathons and even ultra-marathons up and down the country throughout the year. Tower runners do not have this luxury and we are hoping that might change.

We mentioned that only one race this year has no charity link and that is being organised by the Emirates Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth. It’s the second race of the UK Championship Series and if you’re keen to feature in the UK rankings and stand a chance of being the first UK tower running champion then you really should sign up, because there are crucial points on the line.

There is another race, however, that, while affiliated with a charity, has no minimum fundraising requirement and that is the Broadgate Tower race organised by Total Motion Events scheduled for Saturday 14th November. Without being too over the top, this is perhaps the most important race of the year in the UK. This is because if this event proves successful we will have an events company that is committed to finding venues to host stair races and is not demanding a minimum fundraising requirement from participants. It may be the first step towards ensuring that one day tower running has the same level of accessibility and affordability as flat level running. Surely we all agree this is something we want? If the event is not a success then they will have no incentive to organise more events.

If you are interested in tower running then sign up for this event. If you have friends who have expressed an interest in the sport tell them about this race. It is a perfect no-hassle introduction to the sport at one of the tallest buildings in London. After you have climbed just short of 880 steps you can step out on to the roof and see a panoramic view of the city. It’s £25 and participants will receive a medal and t-shirt. This is the same price as many other charity races that give neither of those mementos.

In addition the race is the third event of the UK Championship Series and again there will be crucial points up for grabs that will help determine who becomes the UK champion.

You can sign up for the event here

  1. Claire says:

    Really great article highlighting the fundraising problems … Agreed that fundraising is vital for charities that put on these events but when you’re a regular at events like this the money that you end up having to fundraising becomes too much! I’ll definitely be entering this one and leaving a donation instead of fundraising!

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