What’s Happening in 2016?

Posted: January 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

2015 was the most popular year for stair racing in the UK, with more events and participants than ever before. 2016 promises to be even bigger.

2016 UK Tower Running Championships

This year will see the return of the popular multi-race Championship format that debuted in 2015. Reigning champion Mark Sims will be back to defend his title against Rich Sirrs, Alex Ward and others in races across the country.

The 2015 series had just four events, covering  the last four months of the year, but this time around the action begins in March, at a new sprint event in Leicester, and will carry on right through to December. We’re hoping there will be at least six races this time around, with London, Leeds, Leicester and Portsmouth all hosting events.


March Madness: St George’s Tower, Leicester

The Brits March on Paris

Also in March this year is the Eiffel Tower Stair Climb in Paris. The race is open to only 100 participants and is one of the most sought after on the tower running calendar. Selected in the Elite category this year to represent the UK is Rich Sirrs, who dominated the two UK races he did in 2015 and racked up multiple podium finishes in Asia throughout the year. We will be backing him for a strong performance against some of the best stair climbers and mountain runners in the world. Also heading to Paris for the 17th March, though competing in the Amateur ranks, is Paul Faulkner. Winner of a number of races in the Middle East, Faulkner represented the UK at the World Championships in 2015 and will surely be seeking a podium finish in his bracket.

Total Motion Events Backs UK Tower Running

Total Motion Events organised a very successful stair climb at London’s Broadgate Tower in November 2015. The race was unique in that it was the first London stair climb that had no minimum fundraising requirement. In 2016 the Total Motion Events team are hoping to return with three more stair climbs, including one at an iconic London venue that has never been raced before. Follow them on Facebook to keep up to date with their exciting plans.


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