Tower Running UK is on an extended break

Posted: March 2, 2021 in News

You may have noticed we’ve been fairly quiet so far this year. It’s partly because there’s not been much happening in the world of tower running (although in 2020, with little more than a handful of stair races globally, we still published 72 pieces of content).

But in larger part it’s because after seven years of being the only site on the web regularly reporting on tower running, we’ve realised there is little interest in the sport outside of a very small group. Too small, unfortunately, for us to keep committing hours each week to researching and writing for. Plus we’ve been consistently overlooked and underappreciated by tower running organisations and race organisers, so feel it’s time to step back for a while.

2021 is supposed to see the rescheduled Towerrunning World Championship after it was cancelled last year. At the last championship in 2018 only we were hyping the upcoming event with our series of posts leading up to the race. None of these were shared by the TWA, who also neglected to produce any of its own pre-race material. The effort ‘we’ (a one-man operation) have put in to promoting upcoming events with which we have zero connection is rarely matched or appreciated by the organisers themselves.

Last year’s La Verticale de la Tour Eiffel was supposed to be one of the biggest races on the tower running calendar. It was eventually cancelled, but not before we had written a guide to the Elite men, Elite women and the top French male athletes set to take part.

These in-depth guides weren’t picked up by the race organiser. What they did do though was take a few lines verbatim from our piece on the history of stair racing at the Eiffel Tower in 1906 and try to pass it off as their own on their site. We called them out on it and they made enough changes to the copy to hide the origins. Of course the right thing to do would have been to share a link to the well-researched piece we’d spent hours piecing together from multiple sources.

There have been several instances like this since we started this site. It starts to wear after a while. It’s not like we’re one running site trying to make an impact on the world of athletics amid a sea of competitors and getting frustrated nobody is noticing our contribution. We are literally the only tower running site consistently doing what we do – race previews, race reviews, interviews, history, opinion pieces. If we weren’t talking about it, then nobody in the tower running world was.

We remain passionate about tower running and hope to direct that into some related projects this year. But for now we won’t be updating this site with the latest tower running news. We’re always open to tower running chats, though, so reach out through the Contact tab at the top of the page if you ever want to discuss upcoming events and debate who’ll be coming out on top at major races.

We may return, but it’s bye for now. Thanks to all our readers.

  1. Maria Pia Piemontese says:

    I am so sad to read this! We absolutely love your articles and your passion but, totally understand your disappointment at the lack of support given by organising bodies.
    As President of SCA, the commitment and hours of work largely goes unnoticed . I get frustrated and disillusioned but it’s only been 2 years I’ve been doing this.
    Personally, I will miss the details that only you have provided through hours of research.
    As an organisation, we will miss sharing your content. As passionate stair climbers, we will miss your passion for the sport.
    I hope that this e mail makes waves. I look forward to welcoming you back if you choose to do so.
    Thank you again
    Maria Pia Piemontese
    President SCA

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