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The Covid-19 pandemic tore up the UK stair racing calendar in 2020, and it’s looking like it might write off much of the 2021 season too.

Read on for the updates we have on the stair races that likely would have happened in more normal times.

Vertical Rush @ Tower 42

Looking ahead to next year, perhaps the biggest disappointment is the news that Vertical Rush will not be happening.

The UK’s flagship tower running event was cancelled in March 2020 and Shelter have given us word that it won’t happen in March 2021 either. The loss of the biggest stair race in the UK is a huge one.

GOSH Walkie Talkie Tower Climb

The spring time event in London is currently up in the air.

Back in August, GOSH told us, “We are putting some plans in place to see how the tower climb can work in a COVID-19 world. The event is pencilled in for the beginning of March, so keeping all fingers crossed, it’s looking positive.”

We’ve heard nothing since and they’ve made no announcement as yet. Heading into the new year, and with London going back into Tier 3 measures again this week, it seems unlikely that a race will happen at the start of March. But let’s see.

Regardless, you can register your interest for the potential event here.

LOROS Tower Run, Leicester

This event typically happens in March, but not in 2021.

The organisers are optmistic they can still put on an event, but in 2021 they expect that if it happens it will be later on in the year.

Broadgate Tower Run Up, London

There’s been no word yet on this event happening in 2021.

The forced rescheduling and eventual cancellation of this event in 2020 was a major disappointment.

The organiser will obviously be super keen to have it run as usual in the summer, but it’s wait and see with this big event. Fingers crossed.

Spinnaker Tower Run-Up

Covid-19 put paid to this new event in 2020, but we got optimistic word from the organiser last month that this race would be going ahead in April 2021. But with things changing so quickly, you just don’t know.

We’re expecting to hear an update on this soon, so keep an eye out for that.

We’ll be updating our race calendar as and when news of events come in.

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