UK Race Calendar 2017/2018


November – Saturday 25th, The Broadgate Tower Run Up, 877 steps, London – Register The Final of the 2017 UK Tower Running Championships – this event will have the first Vertical Mile option in the UK (12 climbs up the Tower) plus a shorter 1/4 vertical mile option (3 climbs). The UK Championship final will consist of two separate timed runs aggregated to find the fastest climber. The event is open to all and will be a real tower running extravaganza!!


January – No races announced

February – Saturday 17th Conquer The Tower – Action on Hearing Loss, Broadgate Tower, 877 steps, London – Register

– Sunday 25th, The Christie Tower Run, Beetham Tower, 798 steps, Manchester – Register

March – Saturday 10th, Loros Tower Run, St George’s Tower, 20 floors (351 steps), Leicester – Information (registration due end of Nov)

– Thursday 15th, Vertical Rush, Tower 42, 932 steps, London – Register

– Saturday 24th, Shooting Star Chase Stair Climb, Broadgate Tower, 877 steps, London – Registration TBC

April – Saturday 14th, Stairs And The City *this is currently a women only event* – The Leadenhall Building, 1,258 steps, London – Register

May – Saturday 20th, Conquer The Tower (Trekstock), Broadgate Tower, 877 steps, London – Register




  1. Arjan says:

    Hello. What are the 6 races in the UK Championship series. I see the 1st one is Leicester. Is the bt tower on the same weekend in the series or not ?

    • Hi, the only race that is yet confirmed is the one in Leicester on 6th March. We are waiting to see which events are announced for later in the year. The BT Tower is not in the series nor is Tower 42 (8th March). Where possible, none of the big charity races will be included in the championship as the fundraising requirements can be prohibitive.

  2. Marie Cartwright says:

    Why do all the races have to bear compulsory sponsorship. If you don’t work and instead of doing drinks and drugs you want to train and race, imposing a £200 sponsorship is hard! If you don’t work you don’t have friends or colleagues who can help raising this. Though I understand the concept of fundraising, I think people should have the choice to raise funds or not.

    • Hi, not all races have sponsorship requirements. Total Motion Events runs races in London with optional fundraising (their next tower run will be in London in November) and the Spinnaker Tower race in Portsmouth is entry fee only also. It is frustrating that most events have fundraising requirements but it is charities putting all the effort into organising and marketing the events and they need to get a proper return for their work. Hopefully Total Motion Events will keep growing (and they will if you sign up for their next race and spread the word) and there will be more entry fee only races in the future.

  3. David Martin says:

    Have you any plans to bring tower running to Scotland?

    • Hi David, we don’t actually organise our own races yet. Hopefully some building or charity will get on it in Scotland. Hoping to see a race in Manchester next year, all things being well, so potentially less of a trek than down to London if you fancy giving it a go.

  4. batchedward says:

    To count for the uk championships do i register or do I just turn up and run ? Rookie question and stupid question but that’s me 😉

    • Hi, you just turn up and run. There are up to 40 points available at each of the listed UK Championship races (more races will be added as they are announced). The person with the most points at the end of the year will be the winner.

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