1. Mikki says:

    It’s annoying that there are fewer pure tower running events in London

  2. Mikki says:

    Ok great – I assumed this was the final list for 2016. I will keep an eye on updates to the calendar list. Thanks.

  3. noel reddington says:

    To whom it may concern
    I email last week to join tower running but got no reply and I would like to race tower 42 on 8th of March
    Many thanks noel

  4. I would be interested in Running all 3 towers can you tell me the dates and who to contact (phone number if possible)thanks
    Marsha O’Loughlin
    P.S. I have been stair climbing for close to 30 years
    I am on West Coast Label Team Texas

    • Hi Marsha, thanks for getting in touch. Which towers did you have in mind? Perhaps you mean the London 3 Peaks (registration not open for that yet). Let us know. Thanks.

      • as I live in the US (Denton, Texas) I would need to plan to come to I would need to know the dates well in advance and to register ( for hotels close to the Tower Runs. PS I am not on facebook,just email.

        Thanks Marsha
        oer Running for close to 30 years and am a member of the West Coast Label (Team Texas)

      • thats it>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>the 3 peaks

  5. yes I think that is correct…I read where you climb one Tower then run down the street to the next one and so on..3 Towers total all in one day. please keep in touch with info.. I like in Texas.. On saturday last I ran the Big D Dallas run 70 stories ( 19:03sec) I am 71 have been Tower running going on close to 30 years.

  6. Chris Flores says:

    I have searched everywhere for information about running the Valtellina pipeline and cannot find any, what info can you help me with? Where exactly is it? How do you sign up to race it? Can you run it any other time other than race day? Anything you can pass along to me would be greatly appreciated

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