Course Records

A list of the men’s and women’s course records for some of the UK’s most prominent towers.

Tower 42, London:

Thomas Dold (GER) – 3:58

Suzy Walsham (AUS) – 5.01

Broadgate Tower, London: 

David Robles (ESP) – 3:58

Cristina Bonacina (ITA) – 5.48

The Gherkin, London:

Matthias Jahn (GER) – 4:18

Sonja Shakespeare (GBR) – 6.03

Emirates Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth:

Matjaz Miklosa (SLO) – 2:07

Sarah Frost (GBR) – 3.12

Bridgewater Place, Leeds:

Peter Hopson (GBR) – 2:58

Maxine Russell (GBR) – 3.49

Heron Tower, London:

Rich Sirrs (GBR) – 4:25

Leadenhall Building, London:

Mark Sims (GBR) – 6:58

Karima Hudson (GBR) 8.50

  1. noel reddington says:

    I am interested in training in tower running and available most evenings and work in vauxhall
    Many thanks

  2. Are their any rules on what competitors are allowed to wear ie fancy dress costumes

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