Course Records

A list of the men’s and women’s course records for some of the UK’s most prominent towers.

Tower 42, London:

Thomas Dold (GER) – 3:58

Suzy Walsham (AUS) – 5.01

Broadgate Tower, London: 

David Robles (ESP) – 3:58

Cristina Bonacina (ITA) – 5.48

The Gherkin, London:

Matthias Jahn (GER) – 4:18

Sonja Shakespeare (GBR) – 6.03

Emirates Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth:

Matjaz Miklosa (SLO) – 2:07

Sarah Frost (GBR) – 3.12

Bridgewater Place, Leeds:

Peter Hopson (GBR) – 2:58

Maxine Russell (GBR) – 3.49

Heron Tower, London:

Rich Sirrs (GBR) – 4:25

Leadenhall Building, London:

Mark Sims (GBR) – 6:58

Karima Hudson (GBR) 8.50


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