The Streak is still going. Piotr “Showtime” Lobodzinski, the reigning Towerrunning World Champion and World Cup winner 2014, remains undefeated in 2015.

He added another victory on 23 May in Wroclaw, Poland at the second Sky Tower Run. The race involved an elimination round followed by a final run up the the Sky Tower’s 1,242 steps, with Showtime coming out on top in both rounds. He was pushed hard by “The Zilina Avalanche” Tomas Celko who took silver, while Poland’s Daniel “Steak Pie” Karolkiewicz took a well earned third by jumping up a place in the final round.


The men’s podium at the Sky Tower Run 2015

Fastest woman in Wroclaw was Poland’s Dominika “The Rising Sun” Wisniewska-Ulfik who, like Showtime, finished first in both rounds.


Dominika Wiśniewska-Ulfik tops the podium once again in Poland

In Madrid, Spain there was an inaugural event at the Torre Picasso. Formerly the country’s tallest building, the tower has since been dwarfed by a handful of other skyscrapers, but with 798 steps it still posed a solid challenge for the 616 competitors who climbed.


Torre Picasso in Madrid, Spain

International tower running superstar David “El Conquistador” Robles Tapia, who is currently second in the Vertical World Circuit rankings, took a fairly comfortable win in a time of 4.15.


El Conquistador blasts through the doorway at the top of Torre Picasso to take the win

His nearest rivals were “The Taxman” Alejandro Montero Justo and “The Wanderer” Ralf Majcen, who both finished in 4.43. That’s now three podium finishes on the trot for Majcen, who is having a brilliant season so far.


The winner’s podium with Montero Justo (l), Robles (c) and Majcen (r).

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