The Marauder surges up the world rankings

Posted: July 3, 2015 in News
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The latest rankings from the Towerrunning World Association have been released and Britain’s own Mark “The Marauder” Sims has claimed his highest position ever with a slot at number 31.

Already well established as the UK’s top climber, Sims has had a stellar season so far with standout performances at the two London races we’ve had this year, as well as a strong turnout at the three races that made up the European Grand Prix in June.

Mark Sims powers up Vienna's Danube Tower at the European Grand Prix

Mark Sims powers up Vienna’s Danube Tower at the European Grand Prix

To be honest, we think that The Marauder’s position does not fully reflect his potential. Given the opportunity to compete in as many events as some of his fellow elite climbers, it is undoubtable that he would be higher ranked. With a few more UK races still to take place this year we are hopeful that Mark will be able to finish the 2015 season well inside the top 30.

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