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bop to the top

Teenager Vincent Mann was victorious at the 37th Bop to the Top in Indianapolis on Saturday (Jan.18).

The local high-school cross country runner clocked a huge PB as he reached the top of OneAmerica Tower’s 780-step course in 4:27 to win the single climb at the long-running event.

He was followed by Luke Brahm in 4:40 and Mike Minichello in 4:41.2.

Mann’s winning time was 18 seconds faster than his debut race at the venue last year, where his 4:45 finish earned him sixth place overall.

It’s an impressive improvement from the youngster and follows on from his fourth-place finish at the Fight for Air Climb in Indianapolis back in March 2019.

Hopefully Mann will return to action at the Indianapolis Fight for Air Climb on March 7 in a bid to secure a second win of the season.

Harris extends incredible record of wins

Cindy Harris recorded her 25th victory in the women’s division at the Bop to the Top as she finished in 4:41.4, narrowly missing out on third spot overall.

The Indianapolis native first won the event in 1995, and apart from a second-place finish in 2016 has won every edition since.

It’s an incredible record for the evergreen Harris who is also a four-time winner of the Empire State Building Run-Up.

She was trailed in the single climb event on Saturday by Jill Paha in 5:19 and Raquel Faires in 5:21.

Harris also claimed second overall in the Triple Climb, completing her three runs in 15:07, with splits of 5:01, 5:02 and 5:04. Josh Duncan was first with a 15:03 total (4:59, 5:01 and 5:03 splits)

Full single climb results

Full triple climb results

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Bop to the Top stair climb

1984 Mark Carlson (USA) 4:05
1985 Jeff Price (USA) 4:00
1986 Joe Kenny (USA) 3:51
1987 Joe Kenny (USA) 3:50
1988 Joe Kenny (USA) 3:45
1989 Brian McCauliff/Joe Kenny (USA) 3:50
1990 Joe Kenny (USA) 3:47
1991 Brian McCauliff (USA) 3:32
1992 Brian McCauliff (USA) 3:20*
1993 Marty Wilkey (USA) 3:34
1994 Marty Wilkey (USA) 3:40
1995 Bob Curts (USA) 3:48  Cindy Moll-Harris (USA)
1996 Marty Wilkey (USA) 3:35  Cindy Moll-Harris (USA)
1997 Marty Wilkey (USA) 3:47  Cindy Moll-Harris (USA)
1998 Bob Curts (USA) 3:51  Cindy Moll-Harris (USA)
1999 Marty Wilkey (USA) 3:53  Cindy Moll-Harris (USA)
2000 Marty Wilkey (USA) 3:47  Cindy Moll-Harris (USA)
2001 Bob Curts (USA) 3:46 Cindy Moll-Harris (USA) 4:26
2002 Marty Wilkey (USA) 3:43  Cindy Moll-Harris (USA)
2003 Marty Wilkey (USA) 3:48  Cindy Moll-Harris (USA)
2004 Marty Wilkey (USA) 3:53  Cindy Moll-Harris (USA)
2005 Marty Wilkey (USA) 3:55  Cindy Moll-Harris (USA)
2006 Dave Shafron (USA) 3:56  Cindy Moll-Harris (USA)
2007 Marty Wilkey (USA) 3:58  Cindy Moll-Harris (USA)
2008 Marty Wilkey (USA) 4:03  Cindy Moll-Harris (USA) 4:31 – results
2009 Dave Shafron (USA) 3:52  Cindy Moll-Harris (USA) 4:42 – results
2010 Marty Wilkey (USA) 3:53  Cindy Moll-Harris (USA) 4:30 – results
2011 Marty Wilkey (USA) 3:55  Cindy Moll-Harris (USA) 4:43 – results
2012 Justin Stewart (USA) 3:39  Cindy Moll-Harris (USA) 4:31 – results
2013 Justin Stewart (USA) 3:30  Cindy Moll-Harris (USA) 4:31 – results
2014 Eric Leninger (USA) 3:45  Cindy Moll-Harris (USA) 4:36 – results
2015 Eric Leninger (USA) 3:52  Cindy Moll-Harris (USA) 4:44 – results
2016 Eric Leninger (USA) 3:58  Liz Ruvalcaba (USA) 4:37 – results
2017 Justin Stewart (USA) 3:38  Cindy Moll-Harris (USA) 4:29 – results
2018 Howard Harrell (USA) 4:24  Cindy Moll-Harris (USA) 4:37 – results
2019 Howard Harrell (USA) 4:23  Cindy Moll-Harris (USA) 4:37 – results
2020 Vincent Mann (USA) 4:27  Cindy Moll-Harris (USA) 4:41 – results

* course record

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