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We’re guessing most of you have never seen complete footage from a stair race. In fact, extended footage from any tower run is frustratingly hard to come by. But the wait is now over. OK so it’s 25 years late, but below is video of the full Rialto Run-Up in 1995.

The line up of 40 men at the 1995 edition of the Rialto Run-Up in Melbourne was full of Australia’s very best tower runners. Along with bragging rights in the Australian stair climbing community, the men were also competing for a prize of $1,000AUD.

24-year-old Terry Purcell was back to defend the title he’d won in 1994. Just two years into his tower running career, he’d quickly established himself as the man to beat in Australia and was the pre-race favourite.

Purcell was heading into the race having already pulled off a course record-breaking win at the Sydney Tower Run-Up earlier in the year.

But the man from Geelong would have to put in a seriously strong performance in order to secure back-to-back wins at the 1,254-step tower in Melbourne, as his competition was among the best around.

Phil Griffiths was on the start line. He had won at the Rialto in 1993 and finished second there in 1992. He’d also won the Sydney Tower Run-Up in 1993. Then in 1994 he took third at the Empire State Building-Run Up.

1992 Rialto Run-Up winner Glen Devison was competing too. He’d also finished only two seconds behind Griffiths in the 1993 race, so knew the Rialto course very well.

At the ESBRU in 1993, Devison had made it an Australian one-two as he finished second behind the legendary Geoff Case.

Predicted to be one of Purcell’s toughest rivals on the day was the superstar youngster David Osmond.

David Osmond

Mountain runner Osmond had won the Sydney Tower Run-Up in 1994 on his stair running debut.

As a result he’d earned himself an invitation to the 1995 Empire State Building Run-Up, and when there he’d taken an impressive second place behind Germany’s Kurt Konig.

A pre-race profile on Osmond said he had also enjoyed a stair running triumph in Canberra, which was probably at the inaugural 403-step Telstra Tower Run-Up in 1994.

As if getting to watch that amazing line up of tower runners competing at their peak isn’t good enough, two-time Rialto winner and three-time ESBRU winner Geoff Case is co-commentating on the race.

Now sit back and enjoy the fantastic footage from the 1995 Rialto Run-Up.

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