Bieg na Szczyt Rondo 1 (Warsaw, Poland) winners

Posted: January 1, 2022 in Tower running history
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836 steps/38 floors

2011 Bartosz Swiatkowski (POL) 3:43.92 Isabela Zatorska (POL) 4:46.65
2012 Fabio Ruga (ITA) 3:39.53 Anna Ficner (POL) 5:08.59
2013 Bartosz Swiatkowski (POL) 3:42.82 Isabela Zatorska (POL) 4:46.74
2014 Piotr Lobodzinski (POL) 3:36.29 Dominka Wisniewska-Ulfik (POL) 4:53.20
2015 Piotr Lobodzinski (POL) 3:33.88 Dominka Wisniewska-Ulfik (POL) 4:49.57
2016 Christian Riedl (GER) 3:34.41 Anna Ficner (POL) 4:40.84
2017 Piotr Lobodzinski (POL) 3:34.09 Anna Ficner (POL) 4:40.70
2018 Piotr Lobodzinski (POL) 3:34.97 Zuzana Krchova (CZE) 4:42.36
2019 Piotr Lobodzinski (POL) 3:34.09 Iwona Wicha (POL) 4:39.74
2022 Fabio Ruga (ITA) 3:41.8/3:50.7 Anna Ficner (POL) 4:28.3/5:16.98

The race at Rondo 1 race often involves a qualifying run to determine positions for a final. Times from 2011 to 2019 are winning times from the final, but the fastest time in each year has often been set in qualifying. The men’s course record of 3:27.60 was achieved by Piotr Lobodzinski in the qualifying round of 2014. The 2022 race format involved two runs up the tower, with both times combined for a total.

Find out all the winners from other events around the world in our historical tower running results database.

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