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Columbia Center Seattle venue of Big Climb Seattle

Soh Wai Ching broke the course record at the Big Climb in Seattle’s Columbia Center with a winning time of 7:00

The in-form Malaysian athlete took six seconds off the previous record of 7:06 set by Canada’s Shaun Stephens-Whale in 2015.

He had flown in straight off the back of an impressive win at Big Climb Dallas the day before, clocking 7:16 as he ran the 1,326 steps of the Bank of America Plaza there.

The Big Climb Seattle men’s podium was completed by Jeff Devlin (USA) in 8:05 and two-time former winner Tristan Roth (USA) in 8:16.

Big Climb Seattle has been running since 1987 and involves a race up 1,311 steps (69 floors).

Soh will race again next weekend, returning to Texas to compete at the Big Climb Houston in the city’s 50-floor Three Allen Center.

Paha victorious with sub 10-minute finish

Jill Paha carried forward the strong form that saw her win last month’s Scale the Strat in Las Vegas, by clocking 9:52 to finish as the only woman under the 10 minute mark.

Paha was followed by Jessica Pickett in 10:04, while third spot went to Tricia O’Hara in 11:08.

Big Climb Seattle 2022 results

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Columbia Center, Seattle, 1,311 steps

2005 Zach Schade (USA) 7:52 Kristi Berg (USA) 10:42
2006 Zach Schade (USA) 7:51 Jennifer Macarther (USA) 10:26
2007 Jesse Berg (USA) 7:32 Georgia Daniels (USA) 9:53
2008 Jesse Berg (USA) 7:39 Kourtney Dexter (USA) 10:15
2009 Shaun Stephens-Whale (CAN) 7:13 Kourtney Dexter (USA)
2010 Shaun Stephens-Whale (CAN) 7:17 Kourtney Dexter (USA) 9:19
2011 Shaun Stephens-Whale (CAN) 7:08 Kourtney Dexter (USA) 9:16
2012 Shaun Stephens-Whale (CAN) 7:14 Kourtney Dexter (USA) 8:43
2013 Jesse Berg (USA) Kristin Frey (USA)
2014 Shaun Stephens-Whale (CAN) 7:20 Kristi Moen (USA) 9:29
2015 Shaun Stephens-Whale (CAN) 7:06 Olivia Meader Yetter (USA) 9:23
2016 Tristan Roth (USA) 7:52 Amy Brown (USA) 10:30
2017 Andrew Drobeck (USA) 7:10 Olivia Meader Yetter (USA) 9:33
2018 Jesse Berg (USA) 7:59 Christina Nicholson (USA) 9:29
2019 Tristan Roth (USA) 7:44 Lauren Corn (USA) 10:32
2022 Soh Wai Ching (MYS) 7:00 Jill Paha (USA) 9:52

This event dates back to 1987, but we’ve been unable to easily find results before 2005.