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Scale the Strat winners

The STRAT Hotel, Las Vegas – 1,391 steps

2009 Zach Schade (USA) 7:33  Courtney Swenson (USA) 9:53 – results  – news video of the event
2010 Javier Santiago (MEX) 7:26  Courtney Swenson (USA) 9:59
2011 Kevin Crossman (USA) 7:26  Erica Schramm (USA) 8:58 – resultsALA event videoXgym video (footage of all top finishers)
2012 Kevin Crossman (USA) 7:05  Kourtney Dexter (USA) 8:33 – results
2013 Sproule Love (USA) 7:16  Erika Aklufi (USA) 8:16* – results
2014 Gorge Heimann (GER) 7:19  Erika Aklufi (USA) 8:21 – resultsevent video
2015 Sproule Love (USA) 7:22  Stephanie Hucko (AUS/USA) 8:52 – results
2016 Sproule Love (USA) 7:22  Stephanie Hucko (AUS/USA) 8:48 – results
2017 Shaun Stephens-Whale (CAN) 7:03  Cindy Harris (USA) 8:30 – results
2018 Josh Duncan (USA) 8:10  Cindy Harris (USA) 8:42 – results
2019 Alexis Trujillo (MEX) 7:13  Cindy Harris (USA) 8:39 – results
2020 Alexis Trujillo (MEX) 6:46*  Cindy Harris (USA) 8:35 – results
2022 Soh Wai Ching (MYS) 6:57  Jill Paha (USA) 9:45 – results

* course record

Find out all the winners from other events around the world in our historical tower running results database.

The dominant Team Texas crew from the West Coast Labels/X-Gym team took a clean sweep of the podium at the 55 story Fight For Air Climb at Dallas’ Reunion Tower last weekend.

It was the second race the building has hosted in recent months, and once again it was “The Chalice of Thunder” Scott Stanley who took a solid win. The Euless athlete has gone from strength to strength in recent races and secured victory in Dallas in a flying time of 4.10. Following in second was the broad shouldered figure of Brad “The Wrecking Ball” Pazoureck in 5.06, while Michael “Spartan” Doherty secured third for Team Texas in 5.21.

The victorious West Coast Labels team (pic courtesy of S. Stanley)

The victorious West Coast Labels team (pic courtesy of S. Stanley)

The three also took on an extra climb each in the elite double-climb competition, with the overall podium positions remaining the same after their second run.

In the women’s section of the race, it was Rosechelle “R&R” Ruggiero who grabbed gold, finishing in an impressive 6.55. Close behind her was Melissa “I Got 99 Problems But Stairs Ain’t One” Ross in 7.02. Haley “The Comet” Cheshier rounded off the podium in 7.09.

Great running by all. Congratulations on your successes.

Keep climbing!

Anybody know how to say “this is my house!!” in Polish? Piotr ” Showtime” Lobodzinski definitely does, and he declared it loudly on Saturday morning with another dominant performance in his native Warsaw.


Showtime reaches the top in no time

There was a stacked field in the Polish capital for the Towerrunning Grand Prix with Riedl, Celko, Holec, Manzi and Ruga just some of the elite stair climbers ready to put “Showtime” to the test. The race up the 836 stairs of Rondo 1 began with a qualifying round to determine starting positions for the final, and Lobodzinski secured himself a 1.58 second lead from his nearest rival Christian “The Eclipse” Riedl. Thomas “The Zilina Avalanche” Celko was third place going into the final. At the end of the final run, these positions had stayed the same. After finishing second a couple of weeks ago in London, Italy’s Fabio “Stair Charmer” Ruga took fourth spot.


The usual suspects, “The Eclipse”, “Showtime” and “The Avalanche”, dominate the podium once more

You can re-watch all the action from the day on the link below, with the men’s final starting around the 4:00:00 mark:

For some more details on the race, including a few post-victory words from Lobodzinski you can check out the News section at here.

In the women’s section of the race, Polish pride was upheld by a powerful performance from “The Rising Sun” Dominika Wisniweska-Ulfik. The lean mountain running champion broke the course record during her qualification run and didn’t let up in the final. Anna “Four Steps” Ficner made it a Polish one-two as she pushed hard in the final to jump a place and work her way into the second spot. Czech Republic’s Zuzanna “Titanium Calves” Krchova managed to just nick third place from her fellow countrywoman Lenka “Czech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself” Svabikova, with less than a second separating the pair.

As ever, there were Fight For Air climbs taking place across the States on Saturday. We don’t have results for the race at the Sunrise Banque Building in Albuquerque, New Mexico yet, but well done to all who climbed there.

Up in Indianapolis, Indiana they were climbing the 1,034 steps of Chase Tower. There were a few climb options on the day, with participants able to opt for one, two or three runs up the tower. Results suggest that some unnamed beast who turned up on the day crushed the stairwell in 2:38!! Is Tim Donahue up to his Scarlet Pimpernel tricks again?? That is super fast. Maybe it was a technical glitch.

In the three-climb option, the plaudits went to 57 year old winner Joseph “Joey The Bull” Kenny, with Kevin “Ain’t No Joke” Koke coming in second. Local man Andrew “The Patriot” Neville was third. The fastest lady on the day taking on three climbs was Kristen “No Doubt” Trout.

In Buffalo, NY climbers were determined to conquer the 800 steps of One Seneca Tower. Ed “Bad News” Badida took the win in 3:58. Dan “Danny Muscles” Wightman was second in 4:10, with “Hot Rod” Todd Suszynski rounding out the podium in 4:14.

The final set of results come from the popular event in Phoenix, Arizona where climbers faced off against the 1,272 steps of the Renaissance Square building. There were some well known names in the US stair running world at the event and the win went to Steve “Ex” Stermer “nator” who climbed in a fast 6:53. He was followed by Leland “Gunner” Jay, while Franco “Fast Frankie” Orozco took third. The fastest lady on the day, and finishing an impressive fourth overall, was Anne “Red” Herrington.

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