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Posted: March 13, 2017 in News, Upcoming Events
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The 2017 UK Tower Running Championship is now well underway, with the first three races already completed. We catch up with all the action from the past couple of weeks.

Beetham Tower Run, Manchester, 2017

The first race was held on 26 February at Beetham Tower, Manchester where a hotly anticipated battle between reigning UK champion Mark ‘The Marauder’ Sims and Slovakia’s Patrik ‘The Nitra Nitro’ Schneidgen – newly resident in the UK- didn’t disappoint.

Schneidgen managed to set a new course record (4.17) at the 798-step venue and also logged his first win over the ever-strong Sims, who finished in 4.29. Full results here.


‘The Nitra Nitro’ Patrik Schneidgen celebrates his victory at Manchester’s Beetham Tower

Conquer the Broadgate Tower, London, 2017

The following weekend, 4th March, the action was in London at Broadgate Tower. Again it was Schneidgen and Sims who went head-to-head for top honours. Sims had defeated the young Slovak track star twice before at the venue in the City of London, but buoyed by his victory in Manchester, Schneidgen entered the race with supreme confidence.

He managed to take another win, in a time of 4.21, with Sims a mere four seconds behind. Full results here.

St George’s Tower Run, Leicester, 2017

Last weekend, 11th March, saw race three of the UK championships in Leicester. The sprint event, at the 351-step St George’s Tower, drew in some well-known European tower runners, including Rolf ‘The Wanderer’ Majcen. With Schneidgen racing in Poland on the same day, it was a perfect chance for Mark Sims to make up some lost ground and win again at a venue he dominated at last year.

Not only did he manage to hold off a strong challenge from Spain’s Christian Lopez, he also broke his own course record (which he set at the venue’s inaugural race last year) by three seconds, finishing in a time of 1.32. Full results here.

Mark Sims stair climber

Two-time UK champion Mark Sims toasts his new course record at St George’s Tower in Leicester

UK Tower Running Championship 2017

In its third year, the UK Tower Running Championship has a simple format and is open to all UK residents. Each race in the series has points on offer, ranging from 40 for the winner down to 10 for tenth place. The full breakdown of points in descending order is: 40, 32, 26, 22, 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10.

The person with the mosts points accumulated at the end of the series is crowned UK champion.

Year on year we have added more races to the championship. In 2015 there were four races, in 2016 there were six, and for 2017 we hope to possibly top that. At the time of writing we have had three races, with one more definitely in the calendar for September. We will be adding more races as they are announced and you can track which events are part of the UK championship series by following our regularly updated UK stair race calendar.

You can see the current standings in this year’s championship below.

Screen shot 2017-03-14 at 12.00.19 AM

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  1. Sonja Shakespeare says:

    Hello, great article about the uk championships although there doesn’t seem to be any mention about the regular ladies taking part and gaining podium positions.
    Elaine Battson came First Lady at Manchester and second in Broadgate while Chiara Cristoni was first at Broadgate and second at Leicester.
    Although they are both mentioned in the top ten table, the points allocated have been based on finishing position rather than category position.

    I’m becoming quite fanatical about tower running and trying to encourage other females to take part. It would be great if we could see a female leader board too so we can compete fairly with the males, rather than against them.

    • Hi, thanks for your message. The reason we haven’t included a separate women’s division in any edition of the UK championships to date is because of a lack of depth in the competition. In 2015/2016 we didn’t see any one woman do more than a single event. While this year there is a small group (three) of women regularly racing, we don’t think this is enough to warrant a separate division. It’s difficult because we want to encourage participation, but also want to avoid the title of UK champion being a default title. We feel the UK champion should be the best UK stair climber – give or take a place or two. For example reigning UK champion Mark Sims was the highest placed British male at Vertical Rush (the UK stair race with most participants). Whereas Chiara Cristoni and Elaine Battson (one of whom would likely win a UK championship ladies division this year if it existed) were 10th and 13th highest placed British females at that same event. Those are great positions for such a big event, but if in the future the ‘UK champion’ is way down the rankings at these big events it undermines the title. We will wait until there is a broader depth of competition in the women’s division before setting up a separate championship. Thanks.

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