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Michael Sturm towerrunning (2)

Michael Sturm put in a blistering run to secure victory at the final race of the German Towerrunning Cup in Hemer.

The Saalfelder LV athlete ran the 466-step course in 2:27, beating compatriot Görge Heimann by just two seconds. Course record holder and four-time winner Jeroen Vochteloo from the Netherlands took third spot in 2:34. Andreas Fruhmann (2:35) was fourth and Jens Brundieck was fifth (2:37).

Hemeraner Treppenlauf

The outdoor staircase leading up to the Jübergturm

With Riedl already top of the rankings with an unassailable lead of 382 points, only the remaining two podium places were still up for grabs. Riedl’s dominance in earlier races had earned him his sixth German Towerrunning Cup title.

With his win in Hemer, Sturm was able to jump up the ladder into second place, finishing the series on 370 points, while Andreas Fruhmann finished the series in third on 340 points.

Full details and rankings can be found on the Towerrunning Germany website.

The unique Hemeran Treppenlauf starts on a straight outdoor staircase before runners head inside the Jübergturm observation tower to finish on the top platform.


The Jübergturm observation tower in Hemer

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