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Piotr ‘Showtime’ Lobodzinski stormed to victory at Taipei 101 on Saturday to secure his second consecutive tower running world title.

In a dominant performance, the 32-year-old Polish star won both races in the two-part championship format to finish well clear of second-placed rival Christian Riedl.

The championship event began with a ‘sprint’ up the first 35 floors of Taipei 101. Although Lobodzinski was a clear pre-race favourite, it was in this shorter race that he was expected to face his toughest test. But in the end it wasn’t nearly as close as some had anticipated.

Setting off first at just before 7.30am local time, Lobodzinski powered up 824 steps in just 3.39. He was followed into the stairwell by known speedster Frank Carreno, who some had anticipated winning the sprint event.

However, the Colombian athlete, who won the Empire State Building Run Up 2018 back in February, was some way off the blistering pace set by Showtime. Carreno finished in 3.50, with Germany’s Riedl third in 3.55.

Less than 90 minutes later the athletes were back at the start line ready for the second race of the day. This time they would be going up 2,046 stairs to the 91st floor of Taipei 101.

With Lobodzinski undefeated in 2018, and rarely beaten in longer races, he was largely expected to take the win in the longer race. Pre-race speculation had considered the chances of Mark Bourne, one of the only men to have beaten Lobodzinski in a tall tower in recent years, presenting a challenge, but it wasn’t to be.

Lobodzinski reached the 91st floor in 11.11, with Riedl just behind in second (11.15) and Japan’s Riyoji Watanabe in third (11.48). Carreno was fourth in 11.49 and Bourne fifth, just a few hundredths of a second behind the Colombian.


The top six men at the tower running World Championship 2018: (l-r) Riyoji Watanabe, Christian Riedl, Piotr Lobodzinski, Frank Carreno, Mark Bourne, Gorge Heimann.

With maximum points from both races, Lobodzinski was crowned World Champion. A third-place and second-place finish across both races secured Christian Riedl second place overall, while Frank Carreno did enough in both races to take third place.

With his win in Taipei, Lobodzinski adds a second world title to the one he won in 2015 in Doha.

What next for the Polish superstar? The nine-event Vertical World Circuit (VWC) begins next week in Seoul at the Lotte Tower. Lobodzinski was beaten there last year by Mark Bourne, so will be expected to return to Korea to exact revenge and set himself up on the way to another VWC title. In this sort of form, who would bet against him?

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The Future is here, the future is now. We have written numerous times now about the talents of Troy “The Future” Alston. We have asked, “can he be beaten in Florida?” With four straight back-to-back wins in his home state, including two over the current highest ranked male stair climber in the USA, Thomas Scott, he answered that question unequivocally. Last weekend, in a move that should make stair climbers along the east coast sit up and take notice, The Future began his march out of Florida as he headed north into Georgia. It was a race in Atlanta that drew the aspiring Olympian out of home territory, with climbers gathering at One Ninety One Peachtree Tower to take on its 1,050 stairs for the ALA.

It was a two-horse race on the day with Alston winning in 6:45; pushed hard by “The Monk” Victor Serrano, who finished just five seconds behind. This is Alston’s fifth win of the season, which is a very impressive record. We look forward to seeing him heading further up the country, or out west, to take on some of the other top ranked climbers in the States.

Alston wasn’t the only one maintaining form last weekend. In Minneapolis, The Steel Oath added another win to his incredible 2015 record of podium places. He was taking part in the two-climb event at Capella Towers, where competitors covered a total of 95 floors and 2,280 stairs. With a total time of 13:22, Larson demonstrated his elite status by being the only athlete to go sub-14minutes. Taking silver on the day was “Chiseled” Christopher Pfarr in 15:22. Third place was taken by Larson’s “Broken Elevator” team mate, David “Relentless Fury” Hanley. His is a performance worthy of note. Hanley narrowly missed out on qualification for the World Championship final in Doha last month, while racing against the world’s elite. To bounce back right away and get a podium spot is what champions do. Awesome job by the Relentless one!!

The winning Broken Elevator team (from L-R: Jason Larson, Nam Truong, Brent Larson, David Hanley)

The winning Broken Elevator team (from L-R: Jason Larson, Nam Truong, Brent Larson, David Hanley)

The fastest lady up in Minneapolis was Kari “The Garden of Turbulence” Lundberg, who earned an overall top ten spot in the process! Boom!!

Arguably the biggest race of last weekend’s spread of North American events was the Power Hour challenge at the Climb for Wilderness event at Calgary Tower in Canada. This event attracted international athletes and some elite climbers from the USA also headed north to see how many climbs they could manage up and down the building’s 802 steps. The winner on the day was Germany’s Görge “der Stufe Zerstörer” Heimann who managed five climbs in 49:54. Also completing five climbs were Jonathan “Jonny the Jaw” Heinz (58:39) and “The Schenectady Express” Alex Workman (59:57). In the women’s section the win was taken by in-form athlete Veronica “The Claw” Stocker who managed four climbs in 55:12. Shannon “Red River” Magee came second, also with four climbs, in 58:26. Madeleine “Silken Vengeance” Fontillas Ronk maintained her excellent form in 2015 by taking third place.

The elite climbers who took on the Calgary Tower Power Hour (L-R Veronica Stocker, Görge Heimann, Napoleon Woo,  Zivadin Zivkovic, Alex Workman, Madeleine Fontillas Ronk)

The elite climbers who took on the Calgary Tower Power Hour (L-R Veronica Stocker, Görge Heimann, Napoleon Woo, Zivadin Zivkovic, Alex Workman, Madeleine Fontillas Ronk)

Well done to all who climbed last weekend, and best of luck to every one racing this coming weekend.

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