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Michael Sturm towerrunning (2)

Michael Sturm put in a blistering run to secure victory at the final race of the German Towerrunning Cup in Hemer.

The Saalfelder LV athlete ran the 466-step course in 2:27, beating compatriot Görge Heimann by just two seconds. Course record holder and four-time winner Jeroen Vochteloo from the Netherlands took third spot in 2:34. Andreas Fruhmann (2:35) was fourth and Jens Brundieck was fifth (2:37).

Heading into the event, Sturm was sitting in fourth place in the Cup rankings with a tally of 304 points. Ahead of him were Christian Riedl (382), Andreas Fruhmann (322) and Lars Migge (321).

Hemeraner Treppenlauf

The outdoor staircase leading up to the Jübergturm

With Riedl absent from the final round, which offered 120 points for the winner, the Cup was up for grabs. Sturm had to win in order to be in with a chance of finishing top of the rankings, and hope that Fruhmann and Migge finished no higher than third place.

The official final standings are yet to be confirmed, but by our calculations Sturm has finished on top with 424 points and won the Towerrunning Germany Cup 2019 (TBC)

The unique Hemeran Treppenlauf starts on a straight outdoor staircase before runners head inside the Jübergturm observation tower to finish on the top platform.


The Jübergturm observation tower in Hemer

Check out the full photo gallery of action from the Hemeraner Treppenlauf.


Last weekend Piotr “Showtime” Lobodzinski, the reigning Towerrunning World Champion and 2014 Towerrunning World Cup winner, took another step on the path to an unbeaten season with a win at the SkyRun race in Frankfurt.

MesseTurm in Frankfurt; venue for the SkyRun event on June 14th

MesseTurm in Frankfurt; venue for the SkyRun event on June 14th

The event, which also doubled up as the Towerrunning Germany national championship, attracted a stellar line up that included some of Europe’s top stair climbers. In the mix were well-known Germans Ralf “The Natural” Hascher, Görge “der Stufe Zerstörer” Heimann and Christian “The Flying Doctor” Riedl aka “The Eclipse”. They were joined by Klaus “The Mauerbach Tornado” Hausleitner from Austria, Tomas “The Zilina Avalanche” Celko from Slovakia and “The Sheriff” Omar Bekkali from Belgium.


The Bull of Bielsk Podlaski blasts over the starting mat on his way to victory in Frankfurt

The day, however, belonged to the Bull of Bielsk Podlaski who powered to the top of the 1,202 steps at the MesseTurm to take his tenth win from ten starts in 2015. His fast time of 6.38 was a little off his own course record of 6.27, but it was just enough to take the win from a resurgent Christian Riedl, who crossed the mat in 6.40. It was the third year in a row that Showtime had taken victory at this event, on a course that really suits him. The third spot was taken by Tomas Celko, who was the last athlete to go under 7 minutes (6.53). A solid race by Hausleitner secured him an impressive fourth spot (7.14), with Bekkali, again showing he is still a force to be reckoned with, sealing the top five (7.19).

The men's podium with Riedl, Lobodzinski and Celko

The men’s podium with Riedl, Lobodzinski and Celko

It was great to see that London-based stair climber Nishad “Big Trek” Manerikar aka “The Maharajah” aka “Jai Manerikar” aka “Perpetual Navigator” was in attendance. Big Trek is from India but lives in London and is arguably the most dedicated stair climber we have here in the UK. He is a regular at the big London races, but also travels extensively and makes sure to factor in some of the European races when he gets a chance. He was at the Towerrunning World Cup final in Vienna at the start of this year, while last year he took part in the three races that made up the European Grand Prix. We had missed him at some of the smaller UK races last year so are pleased to see he is still competing.

A relaxed looking Nishad Manerikar explodes around a corner on his way up the MesseTurm

A relaxed looking Nishad Manerikar explodes around a corner on his way up the MesseTurm

In the ladies section of the race, it was a straightforward enough win for the incredible Suzy “The Lawmaker” Walsham aka “The Title Magnate” aka “Beyond Time”.

A focused Walsham calls forth the strength of ten tigers

A focused Walsham calls forth the strength of ten tigers

Coming off the back of a strong win in Singapore at the end of last month, Walsham dominated a relatively small field of fellow climbers in Frankfurt. She took the win in a time of 7.46, with her nearest rival Iwona “Pole Position” Wicha aka “The Shredded Siren” finishing behind her in 9.09. Manuela “Venom” Hartl (9.19) took third place and, as the first German finisher, the title of Towerrunning Germany champion 2015.

Wicha, Walsham and Hartl with trophies on the podium

Wicha, Walsham and Hartl with trophies on the podium

The question we are all asking is can anybody stop Showtime in 2015? He has taken his performances up a level this season, and though Riedl pushed him close in Frankfurt he is quickly taking on an air of invincibility. We are not yet half way through the year though and there are a lot of buildings still to be climbed. The upcoming European Grand Prix (19-21 June) is going to be very exciting, with the continent’s best all vying to topple the Polish champion.

Last year Lobodzinski won two of the three European Grand Prix races, and finished third in the race up UFO in Bratislava. The UFO building is a short 430 steps, so maybe the sprint format doesn’t suit him as much, but undoubtedly he will be determined to take the clean sweep of victories this year. Celko (winner in Bratislava last year) and Riedl (less than a second behind Showtime in Brno last year) will not let him have it easy, that is for sure.

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