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Tower running has a long and rich history dating back to 1905 when the first Eiffel Tower stair climb took place.

Results for all the races that have happened since then are scattered around the internet in hidden blogs, cached web pages and newspaper archives.

We are hoping to collate them all here in one place so fans of the sport, journalists and anyone else can easily access historic results for as many big races as possible.

It’s an ongoing project that will hopefully be collaborative with the global tower running community. If you spot errors, let us know. If you have race results you think should be featured, let us know.

Let’s document and secure the history of this sport for years to come.


Sydney Tower Run-Up


Eiffel Tower stair climb/La Verticale de la Tour Eiffel


Taipei 101 Run-Up

United Kingdom

NSPCC Gherkin Challenge
Shelter Vertical Rush (@Tower 42)


Empire State Building Run-Up (ESBRU)
Willis (Sears) Tower stair climb