Laurence Ball went straight back to winning ways at the Walkie Talkie building in London in his first UK stair race in almost a year.

Winner of the event in 2019, Ball’s time of 4:27 was enough to secure him a comfortable victory ahead of American Harrison Kieffer (4:53) and Bart Schmitz (5:13).

It was the fourth edition of the GOSH Walkie Talkie Tower Climb, with this year’s event run on a slightly extended course that was three floors higher than in previous years.

It was the first stair race of the year for Ball, who was last seen winning the LOROS Tower Run in Leicester in July 2021.

Full GOSH Walkie Talkie Tower Climb 2022 results

Two-time tower running world champion Piotr Lobodzinski will return to action at the Rondo 1 Run-Up (Bieg na Szczyt Rondo 1) in Warsaw, Poland on 21 May.

The 36-year old Pole hasn’t raced on the stairs since February 2020, instead turning his attention to long-distance mountain/trail running during the pandemic-imposed restrictions on tower races.

Lobodzinski has won five of the previous nine races at the 836-step Rondo 1 tower in the Polish capital and also holds the course record of 3:27.60, which he set in the qualifying round in 2014.

The event is doubling as the fourth ‘European Towerrunning Championship’, with a strong field of runners that includes Malaysia’s Soh Wai Ching expected to be in attendance.

Athletes will each climb the 38 floors of Rondo 1 twice, in a time-trial format. The runner with the fastest combined time will win.

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David Harris took victory at Manchester’s 798-step Beetham Tower with a winning time of 5:02.

The veteran tower runner won by over 30 seconds, trailed by Phil Evans (5:34) and Oliver Llewellyn-Smith (5:43).

It was a welcome return to the top of the podium for Harris, who has been narrowly kept off the top spot at multiple events the past few years.

He finished second at the last running of the The Christie Tower Run in 2019 – where he clocked his personal best of 4:33 – and was also second at last month’s LOROS Tower Run in Leicester.

Cosp sets new course record

In the women’s division, 2019 winner Marta Cosp came back to take 11 seconds off her own event record, with a winning time of 5:25. It was a dominant performance by Cosp, who was followed by Rachel Tomalin in 6:23 and Naomi Lambert in 7:14.

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Rauno Tiits and Piret Poldsaar won at the TV Tower in Tallinn to retain their Estonian Championship titles.

Tiits ran the 870 steps in the narrow stairwell of the tower in 4:47 to improve on his time from last year by 12 seconds.

A close race for the title was anticipated leading into the event, with 2020 champion Rimo Timm returning to action having been absent in 2021.

Timm was a little off his personal best pace, but managed to take second with a 4:51 finish. Tarvi Tameri took third in 5:08.

Three in a row for Poldsaar

Piret Poldsaar bagged her third victory on the trot at Tallinn TV Tower with a winning time of 6:10.

The tough Estonian has held off strong competition at previous editions, but was relatively unchallenged by the closely matched athletes that followed. Kairi Tuulmägi finished second in 7.35 and youngster Arabella Raie third in 7.37.

Soh Wai Ching has extended his unbeaten run of tower running victories to 18, with a win at the Big Climb Houston.

The Malaysian set a time of 5:21 at the 50-storey Three Allen Center in central Houston to claim a new building record and keep his streak of victories rolling

Second place went to Nathan Marchant who reached the top of the Three Allen Center in 6:45. Douglas Schroeder was third in 7:50.

Rees lightning in women’s division

Verity Rees put in a strong run to dominate the women’s division and earn fifth place overall for the whole event.

Rees set a time of 8:19 to secure top spot, with Darlene Perdue (9:17) and Polly Warriner (10:06) filling the other places on the podium.

It will be a confidence boosting win for Rees, as she builds upon the growing list of top-three and top-five performances she’s put in since emerging onto the US tower running scene in 2019.

Full Big Climb Houston 2022 results

Soh Wai Ching continues his American tower running tour this Saturday (2 April) as he heads to the Three Allen Center in Houston for the Big Climb.

It will be the third race in seven days for the Malaysian, following his record-breaking wins last weekend at Big Climb Dallas and Big Climb Seattle.

Soh Wai Ching on his way to winning Big Climb Dallas

Saturday will be the fourth edition of the Big Climb Houston, and the action will be returning to the 50-floor Three Allen Center, after the 2019 and 2020 editions of the event were moved to 1600 Smith Street.

The inaugural Big Climb Houston was held in 2018 at Three Allen Center, when US tower runner and rower Harrison Kieffer reached the building’s rooftop in the fastest time of 6:42.

Harrison Kieffer winning the Big Climb Houston 2018

Soh will be hotly tipped to outdo that time as he aims to chalk up an 18th consecutive tower run victory.

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Rafal Hazan ran the 351 steps of St George’s Tower in 1:31.7 to win the LOROS Tower Run.

The experienced Polish tower runner became only the sixth athlete in the event’s seven year history to complete the course in under 1:32.

Hazan was followed by David Harris (GBR) whose time of 1:44.2 was almost exactly the same as the one that earned him second spot on the podium in 2021 too.

Gareth Dix (GBR) was third in 1:50.1, making an impressive 12-second improvement on his finishing time from last year’s event.

In the women’s division, the absence of some of the top UK tower runners left the race wide open. In what was a slower contest than has been seen in previous editions, Molly Adams was fastest to reach the top in 2:25.3. Jo Remington was next in 2:32.5, with Kimberly Etherington-Bates third in 2:33.2.

LOROS Tower Run 2022 results and LOROS Tower Run 2022 race photos

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Columbia Center Seattle venue of Big Climb Seattle

Soh Wai Ching broke the course record at the Big Climb in Seattle’s Columbia Center with a winning time of 7:00

The in-form Malaysian athlete took six seconds off the previous record of 7:06 set by Canada’s Shaun Stephens-Whale in 2015.

He had flown in straight off the back of an impressive win at Big Climb Dallas the day before, clocking 7:16 as he ran the 1,326 steps of the Bank of America Plaza there.

The Big Climb Seattle men’s podium was completed by Jeff Devlin (USA) in 8:05 and two-time former winner Tristan Roth (USA) in 8:16.

Big Climb Seattle has been running since 1987 and involves a race up 1,311 steps (69 floors).

Soh will race again next weekend, returning to Texas to compete at the Big Climb Houston in the city’s 50-floor Three Allen Center.

Paha victorious with sub 10-minute finish

Jill Paha carried forward the strong form that saw her win last month’s Scale the Strat in Las Vegas, by clocking 9:52 to finish as the only woman under the 10 minute mark.

Paha was followed by Jessica Pickett in 10:04, while third spot went to Tricia O’Hara in 11:08.

Big Climb Seattle 2022 results

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Space Needle, Seattle, USA – 832 steps
2015 Lawrence Beck (USA) 5:19 Julie Vieselmeyer (USA) 6:35 – results
2016 Tristan Roth (USA) 4:34 Anne Jensen (USA) 5:41* – results
2017 Jason Larson (USA) 4:34 Amy Brown (USA) 6:26
2018 Sproule Love (USA) 4:20 Amy Brown (USA) 6:08 – results
2019 Tristan Roth (USA) 4:17 – men’s results Jessica Pickett (USA) 6:00 – women’s results
2022 Wai Ching Soh (MYS) Maria Elisa Lopez Pimentel (MEX)

* course record

Mark Bourne put in a dominant performance to claim first place and defend his title at the Sea to Sky Q1 Stair Challenge in Gold Coast (Australia).

Bourne, a five-time winner and course record holder at the event, took just 6:52 to reach the top of the 1,331-step tower.

Adam Williams took second in 9:08, with Cody Pratt third in 9:11.

Bourne remains unbeaten at Q1 Tower, with six wins from six appearances at the event in Queensland. Only Paul Crake (2005) and Jason Williams (2018) join him on the men’s champions list.

Meg Reeves back on top

Meg Reeves, winner of the event in 2017, returned to action at Q1 Tower and produced a strong run to win in 8:52.

Meg Reeves – Q1 Stair Challlenge winner 2022 (image courtesy of Stair Climbing Australia)

Clare Geraghty was a minute behind in 9:52, with Liz Elton taking third spot in 10:29.

Check out all the Q1 Sea to Sky race results (including previous editions).

Andrea Mayr recently caught up with Austrian website to talk about her career, attitude to training and plans for the future, and it’s a brilliant read.

The refreshingly open interview provides a great insight into the mindset of one of the greatest and most versatile athletes of all time.

Highlights include:

  • Her openness to a return to tower running
  • What motivates her after 20 years of top-class competition
  • Her non-professional approach to still competing at the top: “I’m doing this for fun. I no longer have a sponsor, I get zero funding, I don’t owe anyone anything, I have my job. I don’t have to read my name in the newspaper or in magazines. Honestly, I don’t need any of that.”

Read the interview on Sport Aktiv

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The top 25 fastest finishing times at the full distance ESBRU (excludes all indoor finishes).

1. Paul Crake (AUS) 9:33 – 2003
2. Paul Crake (AUS) 9:37 – 2001
3. Paul Crake (AUS) 9:40 – 2002
4. Paul Crake (AUS) 9:53 – 2000
5. Piotr Lobodzinski (POL) 10:05 – 2019
6. Thomas Dold (GER) 10:07 – 2009
7. Thomas Dold (GER) 10:08 – 2008
8. Thomas Dold (GER) 10:10 – 2011
9. Mark Bourne (AUS) 10:12 – 2013
10. Paul Crake (AUS) 10:15 – 1999
11. Christian Riedl (GER) 10:16 – 2015
12. Rickey Gates (USA) 10:16 – 2008
13. Thomas Dold (GER) 10:19 – 2006
14. Thorbjorn Ludvigsen (NOR) 10:19 – 2015
15. Kurt Konig (GER) 10:22 – 1997
16. Rudi Reitberger (AUT) 10:24 – 2005
17. Thomas Dold (GER) 10:24 – 2005
18. Thomas Dold (GER) 10:28 – 2012
19. Marco DeGasperi (ITA) 10:29 – 2009
20. Piotr Lobodzinski (POL) 10:31 – 2017
21. Darren Wilson (AUS) 10:36 – 2016
22. Christian Riedl (GER) 10:36 – 2012
23. Rudi Reitberger (AUT) 10:36 – 2002
24. Rudi Reitberger (AUT) 10:37 – 2004
25. Kurt Konig (GER) 10:39 – 1995
Thorbjorn Ludvigsen (NOR) 10:39 – 2013
David Osmond (AUS) 10:39 – 1997

836 steps/38 floors

2011 Bartosz Swiatkowski (POL) 3:43.92 Isabela Zatorska (POL) 4:46.65
2012 Fabio Ruga (ITA) 3:39.53 Anna Ficner (POL) 5:08.59
2013 Bartosz Swiatkowski (POL) 3:42.82 Isabela Zatorska (POL) 4:46.74
2014 Piotr Lobodzinski (POL) 3:36.29 Dominka Wisniewska-Ulfik (POL) 4:53.20
2015 Piotr Lobodzinski (POL) 3:33.88 Dominka Wisniewska-Ulfik (POL) 4:49.57
2016 Christian Riedl (GER) 3:34.41 Anna Ficner (POL) 4:40.84
2017 Piotr Lobodzinski (POL) 3:34.09 Anna Ficner (POL) 4:40.70
2018 Piotr Lobodzinski (POL) 3:34.97 Zuzana Krchova (CZE) 4:42.36
2019 Piotr Lobodzinski (POL) 3:34.09 Iwona Wicha (POL) 4:39.74
2022 Fabio Ruga (ITA) 3:41.8/3:50.7 Anna Ficner (POL) 4:28.3/5:16.98

The race at Rondo 1 race often involves a qualifying run to determine positions for a final. Times from 2011 to 2019 are winning times from the final, but the fastest time in each year has often been set in qualifying. The men’s course record of 3:27.60 was achieved by Piotr Lobodzinski in the qualifying round of 2014. The 2022 race format involved two runs up the tower, with both times combined for a total.

Find out all the winners from other events around the world in our historical tower running results database.

Columbia Center, Seattle, 1,311 steps

2005 Zach Schade (USA) 7:52 Kristi Berg (USA) 10:42
2006 Zach Schade (USA) 7:51 Jennifer Macarther (USA) 10:26
2007 Jesse Berg (USA) 7:32 Georgia Daniels (USA) 9:53
2008 Jesse Berg (USA) 7:39 Kourtney Dexter (USA) 10:15
2009 Shaun Stephens-Whale (CAN) 7:13 Kourtney Dexter (USA)
2010 Shaun Stephens-Whale (CAN) 7:17 Kourtney Dexter (USA) 9:19
2011 Shaun Stephens-Whale (CAN) 7:08 Kourtney Dexter (USA) 9:16
2012 Shaun Stephens-Whale (CAN) 7:14 Kourtney Dexter (USA) 8:43
2013 Jesse Berg (USA) Kristin Frey (USA)
2014 Shaun Stephens-Whale (CAN) 7:20 Kristi Moen (USA) 9:29
2015 Shaun Stephens-Whale (CAN) 7:06 Olivia Meader Yetter (USA) 9:23
2016 Tristan Roth (USA) 7:52 Amy Brown (USA) 10:30
2017 Andrew Drobeck (USA) 7:10 Olivia Meader Yetter (USA) 9:33
2018 Jesse Berg (USA) 7:59 Christina Nicholson (USA) 9:29
2019 Tristan Roth (USA) 7:44 Lauren Corn (USA) 10:32
2022 Soh Wai Ching (MYS) 7:00 Jill Paha (USA) 9:52

This event dates back to 1987, but we’ve been unable to easily find results before 2005.

Beetham Tower, Manchester, 798 steps

2017 Patrik Schneidgen (SVK) 4:17 Elaine Battson (GBR) 6:33 – results
2018 John Tullo (GBR) 4:27 Sonja Shakespeare (GBR) 5:39 – results
2019 Mark Sims (GBR) 4:29 Marta Cosp (ESP) 5:36 – results
2022 David Harris (GBR) 5:02 Marta Cosp (ESP) 5:25 – results